Saturday, November 29, 2008

i went to maine for thanksgiving and had a great time with melia and the fullers. cute kids, of course. i miss them a lot already, yesterday it was kind of hard to miss little sage so much, but luckily i have lots of babies and kitties to play with at home.

here are some sage one-liners:

when i told her i was leaving the next day, she said, "then we'll have to take you to the airport. thanks for joining me."

and when melia, when getting ready to go the airport told her we were going to go there, sage gasped and said "we have to give her back?"

thanks melia and scott for having me! it was very fun and good to be there. they really spoiled me.. i didn't expect a thanksgiving dinner but instead we had "thanksgiving week" and ate delicious, rich rich food all week.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

all freakin' night

chris and carrie left funny comments on my last post.

i am now posting to tell ya'll about all freakin night. it is an annual film-fest here in oly where they show some really bad, usually older, scary films and some really good new ones, or just whatever seems awesome i guess. when you go, it is packed full of teenagers and adults alike, all pretty hyper and vocal about the bad parts of the films. picture mystery science theater 2000 with 200 commentors. there are short films and contests in between films and it starts at midnight, ending the morning of the next day. this was my first time going, and i left at seven a.m. and by doing so i missed most of the forth film and all of the fifth. i think the fifth was definitely overkill.

anyway, it was a lot of fun. i won some comics, but so did everyone who wanted them (there were lots). sometimes living here feels like an adult version of disneyland. if there is something awesome that should happen, it happens regardless of the logistics. it was funny at church the next day, a lady lit a candle in gratitude that her children were in their youth group instead of at all freakin' night like they were the night before.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i said none of the guys i've dated was very cool, but that isn't quite true. i guess things just haven't added up correctly. and then it seems like a lot of guys like me but they don't know how to win me over. ok, gentlemen, if you are spying on my blog you should know that i like guys who are not afraid to give me girly compliments (ie, call me pretty or comment on my clothes), i like going on dates, not "hanging out", i like to have fun and laugh, and i like to feel that you are thinking about me when i'm not around.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

new church

i went to church sunday, it was a lot of fun. it was a church that is probably somewhat rare... maybe other people in other cities should start some similar communities. but basically, this church was just about getting together to sing, share ideas, light candles for those who need it or for thanksgiving, and we dance! i guess we do lots of different dances from various religions/cultures. one per week, i think.

they share the building with other interfaith communities.

there's absolutely no patriarchy and there is very little doctrine. the only doctrine is that everyone is on their own spiritual path. it was a very pleasant spiritual experience to be there. spiritual communities are really wonderful in the way that they feel. i've been curious about this church for a good couple years now and i am glad i finally got to go.

made new clothes

i'm finally catching on. the people that i thought i loved so much, the people i've pined and deliberated over, are just not that cool. i haven't met anyone "good enough" for me yet. perhaps this is ego-centric. but my "game" has improved twenty-fold and i now realize i can have what i want if i can just
find it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

yuck this week is sickness gauntlet. topped off by some stomach bug. thank goodness for allen and for house-mates that bring you medicine. it hurts to drink water still. but at least i can, yay for that.

i want to be a medical assistant and so i am going to need to find a better pathway to that than this music and physics class for the winter, i think. please let there be some straight-forward maths and sciences offered in the winter. i will apply for the program for next fall.

Friday, November 7, 2008

halloween costume

can you guess what i am?
i had a great time at "work". i talked to my homie (boss and landlord) today and he is thinking of giving me more things to do to make shows good at the place, which i really want to happen and will not happen without a little bit of finesse. i can't just be "loner girl" like i want to be sometimes.

but that's cool, i do not have problems making friends. maybe women intimidate me a little because it is a lot easier to charm a guy. i want more women friends, i can do it! anyway, i wore my halloween wig to work tonight and got lots of smiles and comments. i like dressing in a way that makes people happy.

i had a really great conversation with two new friends about the amazing show i put on last night, fancie and alas, alak, alaska, and buffy vs. twin peaks vs lost (there is a connection--they are all mystical dramas!) which do you pick? can i make polls on this thing? anyway, so much fun.

but about the show i put on: not enough people came but the people that did come bought lots of merch, which means they were blown away. and in a music town like olympia, it is not easy to be "blown away". i have yet to blow away an oly crowd. may never happen, for all i know!

i like being me, it is great.
i posted this as a comment, but it is good for all:

i do understand capitalist theory, but i also understand sociology. people are pushed around by social structures, it is a fact. it is ok that some people need help. and that opening rant: i do not feel sorry for the burden of the rich guys, never will.

is the landslide not an indication that perhaps the people want something else? want to work together to rebuild the economy? was it a tragedy when jfk was elected, was the "new deal" a tragedy? roosevelt? historically, it is liberal politics that have brought our economy back to what it can be.

and no, there is no "healthy competition" that will make things right when the top 5% own virtually everything. and they are not thinking about what is best for the people, they think about what is most profitable to them to support their power and control. decisions are not made on what is right vs wrong, it is always about the money. if less people are in control, we can demand better business.

we really need to work together to make it happen. obama is asking us to work, not to free-load.

i know no one can understand me because i recieve help from the government but i'm an intelligent person. in moments i can be articulate. sometimes i can write a good essay or a song.

but it just so happens that i did not choose the chemicals that made the majority of the first 24 years of my life a grueling battle to not only think straight, but to try and stay alive. and i have come to understand that it is mostly no one's fault--that it is largely chemical. and if someone feels that way, that it is , should they get help or should we leave them alone to die? you helped me but you don't still have me there in your house using your resources because i am able to get support outside my family. my family has enough problems outside of mine. i need therapy, i need medication, i need a stable home and food, and without these things i cannot heal and do great things that will help the economy.

i am doing my best to find my way to doing just that. i want to help people, not be a tax burden. but it is all in time, we can be patient and it will come.

it is hard to find where you fit in an economy that tends to reject you for who you are (different, candid, sometimes psychotic).

i hope this is helpful. i really believe good things are to come, but not with political immaturity where we are fighting each other instead of working together.

Monday, November 3, 2008

just had a conversation about how obama supposedly hides his true background and beliefs...

here are some resources so you can make an informed decision about whether these accusations are true or hold any weight, or whether or not this person is "scary."

and fact checker:

i don't believe this man's affiliations are reason for fear. the school people are talking about as being "muslim" was in fact a catholic-based education.

i feel that his campaign is good: an attempt at bridging the gaps that create this type of mad fear and twisting truths into lies. i find him inspiring. happy voting!