Thursday, June 4, 2009

oh man. week 10 = pushes me over the edge.

i'm a real wreck--forgot to pick up my prescription three days in a row (hopefully they still have it and don't hate me).

luckily my math teacher is cool and understanding.

i just went from saying "i don't care how great he is, i hate him right now for this very hard test." to realizing i should go talk to him because my circumstance is unique, and now everything is going to be ok. no hate. there was never real hate, just stress. i'm going to go get my medication and maybe take it and go to sleep, whatever, everything is ok. i can ace the test.

i just get sick of making these mistakes but i guess that's what makes me so special! hahaha.
i am pretty lucky to live with the nicest people in town on the cutest little farm.

i was thinking of moving closer into town but i love being a loner out here more than i can love anything, i think..

i guess today my emotions were swayed because simon (15 months) finally gave my name a real try. he'd been saying "sheepy" (sleepy) all day, i got him to go from "ecccckkk" (rock), to "ro ro ro" (rock n' roll), so i figured he'd be up for trying "ruth". a real challenge, but he got it! "alffff" or "althhh" close enough!