Friday, July 24, 2009

Too Many Moms II Screamin' at My Birthday


i just found a list of fake movie titles johnny and mike and i called and asked for, as a prank when we were somewhere strange like vermillion, nc.

here goes

Too Many Moms
Too Many Moms III Hatin' My Dad
Too Many Moms IV Far Too Many Moms
Pork to the Butcher
We Crave More (what are these last two? i dunnooo)
Hard Candy, "no not the drama, the pornographic version"
Soft Moms II, Fightin' With Crime
Ham For A Dime
Screaming at Mimes
Slammin' With Shrines
Slammin' With Spines
Slammin' With Slime
Slammin' With Limes
Lemons With Limes
Strawberry Wine
Slammin' Through Time
Womens with Mimes
Fastin' and Feastin'
Schemin' With Randy
Shavin' w/ Rodman
Brokeback Fountain
Backpack Fountain
Runaway Amy
Kareoke w/ Porky
Porky n' Me
Wives Who Can Rhyme
Google Movie
Dads N' Kids
Brokeback Socket (?)
Clerks (again I say ?)
Shakin' My Tendrils Pt 8
You Are Great
Police School
Drama Bug
Dogs Who Fight Christians
Toastin' To Hogan

"How about that movie with water... or maybe it was a Train... Water Train Massacre"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aw, I noticed that I have not updated to say that I decided to move after all. That will be sad but probably good for my mental health (I tend to isolate myself which can be a downer). Sarah wrote that Simon has been walking over to my bedroom door and saying "Alff" so he hasn't forgotten me yet. I'm going to miss that home and the family there so so much!
Woo Hooooo! I am celebrating because it has now been...............what? Over two years since B.A.M. has proverbially left me for someone else. I'm so so glad. I have been reading The Glass Castle and man I feel like I know the Dad in the book... and I got away relatively early, thank goodness. A "hard-drinking, hell-raising, charismatic scoundrel."