Thursday, September 10, 2009

i love my fam

i am wrapping up a week that i spent in coronado with my brother and his family. tons of fun and sun and i don't want to leave quite yet so i'll make a quick trip to the beach early in the morning before my flight.

some of my friends got to come out, that was fun. robin, edie (a baby), and larissa flew down with me to hang out and visit their respective families. mark and his friend mike came on their way back from getting mark's wisdom tooth pulled in mexico.

i knew that mark would love the kids. luckily he got a fair dose of them today, they were cute and hilarious as usual. mike really bonded with kate and her version of "old mcdonald" on the guitar. she even tried to convince the boys to let her keep the busted up guitar that they got in tj, mexico.

mike said it just makes him want to have a whole bunch of kids. since this is the family with triplets, all the kids are about the same age and energy level.. 5 kids from ages 2-7. then mark said that you'd have to have three at once, though, to make it this fun, and asked kate if she ever wishes she was a quintuplet instead of a triplet so that she'd have two more kids her age to play with. she immediately said, "yeeeeees" in her wishful, woeful tone, as if she had thought about this a lot in sadness. it really cracked us up.

it was great to see dionne (my sis) and her kids as well when they came up for the weekend. lots of love! megan and i really boogie borded for a good long time.. i always feel like i will be sad when my nieces and nephews get older, but really it's a lot of fun. megan always likes to fool people, though, and told me she was 10. i really shouldn't have believed it even though it's only a year from the truth.

parents came up tonight to help take care of jeff and court's kids while courtney goes out of town.. that'll be interesting! i want to nanny next time.. good to see them, though. good luck to them with the crazy kids. my advise is focus on how cute and funny they are and don't get caught up trying to control the volume/drama. they are wild and so much fun.