Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chill! Jump back in!

Day 3 of 5 songs in 5 days (which is prob really 6 in 6, whoops!)... got another one down that needs just some cleaning up.. a new song, yay! "on a plane remix" but it's not entirely a remix. or a cover. It's it's own song. But it is partly about the Nirvana song. Impressed some new friends with a cover of "Down" by 311. By impressed I mean I asked them if they were impressed with my knowledge of the lyrics and they said "yes." Felt genuine though.

Did a shift at EGYHOP (youth and homeless outreach) and maybe said too much that was un-pc just to be weird or get a reaction. Whoops! I don't know. It's good to sometimes not take things so seriously.

Someone asked if I believe in the law of attraction and I told him I get it but don't believe in quantum mysticism (taking the science and turning it into religion/mysticism).

Oh! In other news I got my second fortune from a cookie IN A ROW that said I will do really well in the field of MEDICINE. Very specific, kinda eerie considering I go back to school next month and need encouragement/faith.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Man on the Blog

Day two of putting together a new Violet Flame Meditation set: We played a song Adam wrote, we got "M'eggin'" down pretty OK... Played "Man on the Moon", was worried the neighbors would call the cops due to the irony/sloppiness.. but you never know, some covers might slip in... haha. Ok so I am mostly "blogging" just for something to do to make my life seem less boring. Yeehaw.

Hm.. VFM w Adam Croce (my roommie). 5 days 5 songs, so I'll blog about it.. Day one: we got a song and we sound like Neil Young's guitar is severely pissing off a lady. Day two is Mon (really today, it's 3 am) and day 5 is Friday, the show..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Gosh it's dating looking back at that last entry and realizing I've not really broken up with anyone very well....... never imagined I'd be in a perpetual break up... but circumstances were more extreme than I imagined, as well. I am sorry for everyone I haven't been awesome around for a good long while, but I've been learning some things that make me a little bit better. I think I'm learning to love better, too. Sometimes, I think, we both fight too hard for things to be right, and maybe they are just too wrong.