Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i guess with dating i just need to relax and not worry about the future too much that it gets in the way of the present.
hi everyone

facebook has got a stronghold on my attention the past few days, uh oh. it is just so fun because i can post videos and my friend melissa and i that never really got to live in the same city and get to know one another are doing so now.

i finished up the quarter and tomorrow is my evaluation conference. i am not super excited for it though i think it'll be fine. i just need to write my self-eval, which is never that fun.

maybe i should make this blog more secret. either that or just not care if anyone particular is reading. hello people of the world, if you are reading this, it's cool, i do not have too much to hide.

i had sort of a date tonight--i am getting very old fashioned. we could not think of a normal date thing to do because the date started late so i suggested renting a movie and we watched "Son of Ranbow" with Robin and Scott. Hi, it's our second date--meet my "family."

i guess i can tell you a bit about my date... he is handsome and kind of quiet-like and very nice. i don't know what dating is really supposed to be like because i used to often be caught up in someone of troublesome nature, and also the trend is to not go on actual dates (though i am done with that trend because it is super childish to me). i gave him a small kiss... is that supposed to mean very much? i guess i explained that i like getting to know people. why does it feel like every time i go on a date with someone i am about to jump into it. and by "it" i mean a relationship. maybe i should try not jumping in. but it isn't like there's multiple people i'm seeing at once, most of the time. especially if i'm wanting real dates and so forth. so that's essentially what people do when they go on dates, they sort of get into something. some people try and avoid commitment, and though i'm a believer in long-term commitment, i guess before that you should know what you are committing to.