Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chill! Jump back in!

Day 3 of 5 songs in 5 days (which is prob really 6 in 6, whoops!)... got another one down that needs just some cleaning up.. a new song, yay! "on a plane remix" but it's not entirely a remix. or a cover. It's it's own song. But it is partly about the Nirvana song. Impressed some new friends with a cover of "Down" by 311. By impressed I mean I asked them if they were impressed with my knowledge of the lyrics and they said "yes." Felt genuine though.

Did a shift at EGYHOP (youth and homeless outreach) and maybe said too much that was un-pc just to be weird or get a reaction. Whoops! I don't know. It's good to sometimes not take things so seriously.

Someone asked if I believe in the law of attraction and I told him I get it but don't believe in quantum mysticism (taking the science and turning it into religion/mysticism).

Oh! In other news I got my second fortune from a cookie IN A ROW that said I will do really well in the field of MEDICINE. Very specific, kinda eerie considering I go back to school next month and need encouragement/faith.

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